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About CremaCycles

Our roots are firmly planted in cycling.

Like many, we started off at an early age riding bikes, since then it has grown into a passion and lifestyle for us. Bikes are not only a mode of transportation, nor are they just a tool, but are rather an extension of one’s self, they are part of our soul.
Riding bikes is therapeutic, meditative and a physical workout all at the same time.
Whether it is flowing down some single track, rolling along some back roads or hammering out an hour suffer-fest at a cyclocross race, we love to ride bikes.

Each ride is an adventure that allows us to explore and challenge ourselves.

It is these experiences that we put into each one of our frame sets.

OUR NAME – CremaCycles

The name CremaCycles is the combination of our two passions: coffee & bikes.
Starting way back at the beginning of a prosperous racing career, Ken worked his way up through the coffee ranks. First as a Barista, then running a coffee shop and finally as a brand manager for a specialty coffee roaster.

Ken knows as much about coffee as he does about bikes.

Stop by for a visit and he will serve up one of his famous espresso drinks on a super nice LaMarzocco professional espresso machine.

video credit: ertzui



In 2011 we opened up our new showroom in the heart of picturesque Allgäu, a region located in the southern part of Bavaria butted up against the Alps and Austria to the south.
Surrounded by rolling hills, mountains, and even several castles, our showroom is the perfect place to showcase our bikes and the distinct selection of components we offer.

We have easy access to a wide variety of road, cyclocross and mountain bike riding.

Stop by to have a look at our product palette, or for an in-house fitting and let us guide you around one of the many beautiful spots in our region.
We do not have regular business hours, so please call ahead for an appointment.

Our annual open house, Crosstoberfest, is set for October 13 &14 2012.

This is an excellent opportunity to come and visit our showroom, check out our bikes, try some local beer and cuisine and of course take part in a fun weekend of riding cyclocross bikes! More info is available at

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News and ongoings from the world of Crema

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